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Our PPC Services are highly targeted, optimised and drive leads.

Pay Per Click encompasses a huge range of activities, including Paid Search results, Display advertising, Video Advertising, Social Advertising & Remarketing. The combination of these powerful advertising platforms drive large volumes of traffic and their highly targeted nature means they provide the right kind of customer for your business.

Search Ads

Search Ads are usually found above & below Organic Results. These text based ads are based on keywords.

Display Ads

Display Ads are image based ads displayed around the internet on websites targeted based on topics/keywords.

Video Ads

Video Ads are just that! Videos that are used to promote your business usually played before, during or after the main video a user is watching.

Social Ads

Social Ads also comprise multiple different kinds of ads, but take place on Social Platforms.


Remarketing Ads use cookies to display images/banners to people who have previously visited your website.

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click (CPC) is a Digital Marketing term that most ad types use to describe how much you spend for each click on your ad.

Audience Targeting

Using Audience Targeting we can refine and narrow down who can see your ads, so they only show to relevant potential customers.

Location Targeting

Similar to Audience Targeting, except with locations. If you only want to target a specific city, we can do that.

PPC with Jollow Media

We create simple, easy to understand plans which outline how we intend to improve your traffic & conversions.

  • Research

  • Plan

  • Implement

  • Track

  • Improve

  • Report

Growing is better with consistency.

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